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The message of Chairman

Dear all colleagues, customers, suppliers and friends whose roads had crossed with Erateks in the past. We have reached Erateks' 25th Anniversary all together with the New Year 2017.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you who spent even some part of last 25 years with Erateks; by ordering, supplying, servicing or by any term of partnership along the way with Erateks.

This exhausting long journey has been covered in much more relaxed manner with your existence and we were able to come to this point.

Erateks have been known as Reliable and Respected Company in Turkish Textile Sector and our aim is; to continue existing in this industry for many more years in the same respected way which we have reached by now.

I know quite well that Erateks will always manage to stay in this position with the synergy that our cooperation brings.

The World has been passing through a hard to tolerate days for a while. I hope that the New Year 2017 will bring the social tranquility which is actually the only key for a peaceful life for all of us.

I am grateful for all.

Thank you.

Erhan Vatan


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